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The Plight of the Mount Moriah 96

The Plight of the Mount Moriah 96

There are 96 Civil War veterans buried at the Mount Moriah cemetery in Philadelphia, PA. Last year, a concerned group (the “Guardians of the Mount Moriah 96″) cleared the plot from the overgrowth and began raising awareness for these forgotten men.

Sadly, a year later the conditions have reverted, even though there was a fairly recent clean-up of the plot. If it weren’t for the flags, few would even know that there are graves there at all.

The Patriotism Project will be working on this and related projects at Mount Moriah to ensure that all the veterans buried there have honor and respect befitting their service.

Thankfully, there is hope for Mount Moriah. The VA cares for several plots on the property, which are in much better condition. In light of the uncertain ownership and responsibility at the Mount Moriah cemetery, transferring the plot with the Mount Moriah 96 over to the VA may be the best solution moving forward.

Mount Moriah VA Plot

One of the VA-maintained plots at Mount Moriah cemetery.
Photo credit: Sean Carpenter

Updated 6/12/2012

3 Responses to “The Plight of the Mount Moriah 96”

  1. Sean Carpenter – Photographs and Work » The Guardians of the Mount Moriah 96 Says:

    [...] Moriah cemetery in Philadelphia has 96 Civil War veterans buried there. There was also a bronze sentry standing watch over the “Soldiers’ [...]

  2. Sam Ricks Says:

    The Soldiers Home/Cooper Shop plots, aka the Military Order of The Loyal Legion of the United States plot, was cut in mid August 2012 by Adam Flint of the PA chapter of the MOLLUS. The Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery placed the US flags (donated by a veteran from the 7300 block of Meadowlark Place, SW Philadelphia)seen in your photos on Memorial Day, 2012, during a “restoration event.” The Friends are also researching the plot as part of a Veterans Graves Project throughout the entire cemetery. There are an estimated 5,000 veterans buried at Mount Moriah, including veterans from the Revolutionary War through to the present. Other Friends are clearing the graves of Mount Moriah’s Medal of Honor recipients and other veterans gravesites engulfed in the “jungle.” We have regularly scheduled “restoration” events at this cemetery. Visit our website at .

    Sam Ricks
    Graves Registrar,
    Pennsylvania Division
    Sons of Confederate Veterans
    and a board member of the Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery

  3. Kerry L. Bryan Says:

    You are not alone in your concern regarding the conditions in general at Mt. Moriah Cemetery and the problemic state of the MOLLUS plot. You may wish to join the Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery (FOMMC) in their volunteer efforts; there are also members of MOLLUS who are concerned about the plot.
    FYI: The Silent Sentry statue is currently in storage; it was previously stolen and then recovered.

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