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The Patriotism Project Begins

The Patriotism Project Begins

Have you ever watched a baseball game on TV and wondered why they don’t televise the National Anthem?

Have you attended a game where the players on the field don’t place their hands over their hearts while the Anthem is being played? Or the people in the audience don’t stop talking?

The Patriotism Project would like to make sure that our National Anthem is always broadcast, and that all Americans know what to do when it is played.

Our mission is to promote patriotism through outreach and education. We think that the reason people don’t know what to do during our National Anthem is because we’re not teaching it. The same is true for flag etiquette, or of awareness at our National Cemeteries, or how to respect veterans. If we don’t show the appropriate behavior, how can we expect future Americans to know it?

We are starting with a few very important campaigns:

Televise the National Anthem

We would like to see the National Anthem broadcast before all sporting events, both on television and radio.

National Anthem Awareness

Through education, we would like to spread the word on what to do during the National Anthem.

Honor the Fallen

We would like to raise awareness on our National Cemeteries and on all fallen veterans.

The Patriots

We would like to highlight the work of other groups and individuals through profiles of other patriotic Americans.

We hope that The Patriotism Project can play a part in teaching future generations of Americans how and why we honor and respect the United States, its veterans, and its symbols.

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  1. ccangel Says:

    “Patriotism is easy to understand in America; it means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country.” Calvin Coolidge

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