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Televise the National Anthem

Televise the National Anthem

Picture a playoff championship game party for family and friends, with kids running up and down stairs and their parents enjoying fresh guacamole and deviled eggs. People were laughing, kids were yelling. Before the game started, the National Anthem began to play.

The adults stood and put their hands over their hearts.

Then a surprising thing happened: the kids stopped running in and out of the room and stood with hands over hearts looking at the TV. They weren’t told to do it, they did it because all the adults were doing it.

This was the beginning of the Patriotism Project.

We think this scene, surely played out thousands of times, is an essential part of learning what it means to be Americans. Because of that, we would like to encourage the National Anthem to be televised all year – not just in the playoffs or in championships. Without the National Anthem being shown before games, most people are exposed to its playing rarely if at all, and the chain of respect is broken.

The Patriotism Project would like to continue and strengthen the respect for our National Anthem, and we believe that broadcasting its playing is an important step.


One Response to “Televise the National Anthem”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I’ll represent the opposite view. I love the Star Spangled Banner. It is the best national anthem ever. All other national anthems (except France’s and England’s which are even older than ours) are written by committees, are dull and boring, and are unpasteurized propaganda. You have to love a country that has an old drinking song for its national anthem. Really. That alone will keep us from becoming Nazis or Commies. The SSB has personality and character, even quirkiness. It’s honest. It is the USA at its unselfconscious best. You can’t say that about the sentimental dreck of America the Beautiful.’ There’s nothing anthem’ about ATB. It doesn’t come close to moving one like the first few notes of the SSB does, which are unmistakable. Touching. Stirring, even.All the objections listed are actually its strengths. Who cares if you can’t sing it well? Are we having a contest? Is somebody recording this? The glory and dignity is in the attempt. The words to the first verse (the only one we sing) are as easy to learn as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and certainly as easy as ATB. You can’t complain about it being too long and then complain that we only sing one verse. Anything that a committee writes to memorialize our entire history, culture, and country is going to be totally insufferable. The SSB matches our flag perfectly. Accidental icons. Kitchen table design. Equally honest. Completely unpretentious. Totally unpoliticized. We should keep it. Which is fortunate, because we will. People have been trying to get rid of the SSB for a generation or two. Ain’t gonna happen.Happy 4th everybody.

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