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The Patriotism Project

Information on The Patriotism Project.

Have you ever watched a baseball game on TV and wondered why they don’t televise the National Anthem? Have you attended a game where the players on the field don’t place their hands over their hearts while the Anthem is being played? Or the...
Our mission: To promote honor, respect, and gratitude towards the United States of America and those who defend her through education and outreach. We are starting with a few very important campaigns: Televise the National Anthem We would like to see...
Thank you for supporting the Patriotism Project! We will shortly provide ways you can donate to The Patriotism Project and ways that you can get involved. We will be looking for speakers and educators who are interested in promoting patriotism.
The Patriotism Project would love to hear from you! Our contact form will be online soon. Thanks for your patience!