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Patriotic Resources

Patriotic Resources

The founders of The Patriotism Project have been involved in many patriotic organizations. The common thread in all of those groups is educating the public on a variety of things:  how to thank a veteran;  how to welcome home returning servicemen and women; properly displaying a flag.

None of those groups learned these things on their own. They were all taught – by a parent, a friend, a teacher – and in turn they are now teaching others. Almost all of our fellow Americans are proud and grateful to be citizens, and we believe that through education and outreach we can promote honor and respect of our great country.

The Patriotism Project is neither the first, the last, nor the only organization promoting patriotism. We will proudly partner with other organizations which share our mission.

National Anthem resources:

The Smithsonian Star-Spangled Banner

Flag resources:

Brandywine Flags

Veterans resources:

The American Warriors’ Watch Coalition

A Hero’s Welcome

Warriors’ Watch

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemeteries

Other patriotic groups:

(Coming soon)

AWWC  The Patriotism Project is a proud member of the American Warriors’ Watch Coalition.

One Response to “Patriotic Resources”

  1. Ikram Says:

    The Star-Spangled Banner has to be our national anthem, if for no other reason than its association with baseball. As a lifelong Orioles fan, I derive great pleasure whenever I go to a game in Yankee Stadium (or watch one on TV)and see thousands of Yankee fans rise, put their hands over their hearts, and sing a song about Baltimore. It is rather unfortunate, though to end on the uncertain note of the first verse ( Does that star-spangled banner yet wave? ), when the moving climax is in the second verse ( Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam ). We ought not be left wondering if the flag is still there, and if the fort might have surrendered to the bombardment. By the way, I do know all four verses. As a song (not as our national anthem), I prefer America the Beautiful. The sentiment expressed there ( God mend thine every flaw / Confirm thy soul in self-control, / Thy liberty in law ) beats the heck out of the national anthem ( Then conquer we must when our cause it is just ) I don’t much care for God Bless America, mostly for the reasons stated in #6.

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