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National Anthem Awareness

National Anthem Awareness

The National Anthem is one of the primary symbols of the United States of America. Showing respect to its playing is showing respect to the country it represents.

This respect will only continue if we teach it. The Anthem should not only be powerful for those men and women who have risked their lives to defend it, but to all those who love the United States of America.

One of the educational components of The Patriotism Project is to raise awareness about the National Anthem, specifically around etiquette and respect during its playing.

The requirements for etiquette are covered under USC 36 §301:

•  Uniformed servicemen and veterans may salute the flag.

•  All others should place their hands over their hearts.

•  Gentlemen should remove their hats and hold them at the left shoulder, with their hand over their heart.

The Patriotism Project will strive to raise awareness of these simple guidelines for showing respect during our National Anthem.

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